Stamping automation solution provider

With more than ten years of technical crystallization and management experience in sheet metal stamping,
mold automation, machinery manufacturing, marketing services, etc.,
From the customer's point of view, reduce costs, reduce people and increase efficiency,
we will provide you with high-quality one-stop solutions!

About us

Hunan Qinchao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise focusing on high-precision automatic stamping production line equipment. The company has rich production experience in automatic stamping equipment such as three-in-one feeders, and has a professional automation equipment design and assembly team. It insists on continuously improving the product structure and optimizing the product performance. In order to achieve convenient operation, the product can gradually achieve the goal of complete-built unit after retail within three years.

Factory area
Processing equipment
Strength innovation
Our advantages
Production base

The production area is about 36,000 square meters, with a total of more than 260 employees. We will provide you with the best automatic stamping production solution, and will follow the corporate philosophy of "excellent quality, service first, development and innovation, mutual benefit and win-win".

Quality Management

The company's parts are mainly self-made parts. According to the established process flow card, each processing technology is strictly controlled, and the processing accuracy of a single part is strived to ensure the stability and assembly efficiency of the product.

Technology R & D

We have a professional technical R & D team, absorbing decades of R & D experience in the field of stamping peripheral automation in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, and carrying out technological innovation on these bases, and developing precision, high efficiency, safety, low failure, High-performance products can meet the stamping requirements of various wide plates, thin plates, medium and heavy plates, thick plates, ultra-thick plates, and high-strength plates.


Qinbanknote mainly provides stamping supporting intelligent equipment for the hardware stamping manufacturing industry

Provide products including: three-in-one feeder and strip feeder, etc……